Let me please object to the letter of many archaeologists or supposed scholars of antiquity who wrote to the Prime Minister of Greece asking him not to give autonomous status to the four most important museums of Greece.

In Italy this reform has already been made years ago and the most important museums with this new system work better than in the past, I believe this reform is needed even in Greece.

Moreover, I wish to stress that many supposed scholars who signed that letter are the not very learned persons who destroyed Greek archaeology.
Personally I would never place my name near those of a Carol Mattusch or Milena Melfi or Rebecca Sweetman or Goette or the Giudice sisters or Michael Boyd, just to cite some names.

If these people are against that reform it means that it is absolutely necessary and to be done quickly, the soonest possible.

Among the supposed scholars who signed that letter there is also Mr. D. Williams, former keeper of the Greek and Roman Department of the British Museum.

In that capacity, Mr. Williams always refused to even just discuss the return of the Parthenon Marble to Greece.

The fact that this person dares to suggest to Greece how to manage its own museums looks to me beyond good and evil, a real act of arrogance, let me please hope that the Greeks will reply to him in a proper way.
Mr. Williams lost his position as BM keeper because he was accused of mismanagement of his Department, he looks to me not the right person to give suggestions to someone else.